SUMMERY:Hosts not found.

From: George Vaughn (
Date: Fri Dec 20 1996 - 17:02:22 CST


As some of you pointed out I needed to give more information.
The nis/dns master is a 4.1.3 server.

I was desperate and called sun. They worked with me to find
the problem.

I was told that in order to use dns an NIS master must be
bound to a DNS server. This old 4/380 had bound itself to
a Sparc 10 slave server that wasn't a DNS server.

After binding the nis/dns master to itself I was able to
ping hosts outside the host file again.


kill ypbind
ypbind -ypsetme
ypset "ip"


The only server that would work properly was a Solaris 2.5 running
NIS+. The /etc/nsswitch.conf file was set to look at dns after nis+.

Thanks to all who responded.

Have a Happy Holiday


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