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Date: Thu Dec 12 1996 - 15:14:34 CST

Hello Suners,

[Original Question]
> I have a really really dumb question that concerns Lotus Notes more than
> Solaris but I figured maybe somebody else out there experienced the same
> problem.
> I finished my Notes installation and it's working fine (sort of for Notes
> anyway...). My only problem is that I was never able to start the server
> without that Console that comes with it. I want to start my server
> automatically when I reboot the machine. How can I get rid if the console?

Finally, here's the summary. Even though it was a bit out of line, I'm
summarizing anyway since all these poeple replied and it did fix the problem.

First things first, thanks a lot to:

 "Jurgen M."
 Markus Liechti
 Mark de Roo
 Jon Diekema
 Dennis Evans
 Romola Chrzanowski
 "Roberts, Mike"
 "Charlie Mengler"
 "Paul J. Bogdan"

... for their answers.

Most of them recommended a script I modified a bit to fit my system. The
redirections didn't work before 'cause of a dumb mistake I made that was making
my notes server prompting for a passwd at startup. Fixing this fixed
everything and I can now start my server from a script.

The line I used looks like that:

/usr/bin/su - notes -c cd /usr/local/notes/notesr4;\
            /opt/lotus/bin/server <$NOTESCOMMAND >>$NOTESLOG 2>&1 &

And I use a "server -q" the stop the server before I shutdown the machine.
Everything is now perfect thanks to everyone of you out there.

Thanks again.

PS: Original responses and the script I'm using are availble upon

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