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From: Blankestein Ton (
Date: Tue Dec 10 1996 - 04:12:16 CST

> Thanks to all Sun Managers who tried to help solving my problem.
> As requested, I will summarize:
> My original question was something like:
On Dec 2, 10:42am, Blankestein Ton wrote:
> Subject: Framemaker2Word
> Dear SUN Managers,
> Could you please advice me on how to convert FrameMaker documents
> to Microsoft Word documents.
> At this moment we are in the proces of merging two different
> departments using different sets of tools. It has been decided
> to only support Microsoft Word, FrameMaker will be stopped.
> We have many technical documents which need to be converted.
> At this moment we run FrameMaker Version 4 on SUN and SGI.
> We plan to run Word Version 6.0 on PC.

You can save your documents as "rtf" or "Word Perfect". Microsoft Word can read
such documents. Try on samples documents, you will see which will transfert
best with the less loss...
  As I'm now running FrameMaker 5.x, I'm not sure this applies. There is
a filter called "miftortf" which takes a Maker Interface Format (mif) file
and converts it to Rich-Text Format (rtf), which can then be read in by
Word 6.0. I believe FrameMaker 4 had this filter, but I never actually
tried to use it. I'm pretty sure there is something in the Frame
about it...
  I seem to remember you can save to RTF format in FrameMaker. This is a
format that Word reads OK, APART from inlaid graphics/diagrams which are
in the Framemaker document will not be converted correctly: you may have
to snapshot them and save them as GIFs or something horrendous like that..
  You can save framemaker in RTF format (select Save As...), but
when you read it into Word you lose any tables and images. If
you save Frame in Word Perfect format it reads into Word ok but
it looks like a document that has been transferred to Word
Perfect :-(
Going the other way, ie reading Word straight into Frame seems
to work pretty well...

You could try "Adobe File Utilities 1.0" which is avilable for Unix
and MS Windows.
If you have large technical documents you might do better to stick to
FrameMaker and use Adobe File Utilities to convert Word documents
to Framemaker.

Yes, via Applix, I do believe. We're in a related dilemma - we have Frame
since it's traditionally been the only half-decent Unix document engine.
We detest PCs but realise that MS Word is a good product. We have had
Island, but that's pretty shoddy. Now Applix comes along as a decently-
constructed, apparently native Unix, bag of tricks, incorporating a
tolerable version of Word and spiced with a large collection of filters
for other wp products. Not cheap though...

4.Try a test with SW to be found at, ie filtrix.

Greetings from Holland,

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