SUMMARY: xwindows version of gcc

From: James Cassidy (
Date: Thu Nov 28 1996 - 03:21:07 CST


        Thanks to all those who responded to the following

        Sorry about the confusion regards the below request.

        Does anyone know where I could get X windows versions
        of gcc for Solaris 1 and Solaris 2.
        Debugger would be great also.


        What I'm really after is gcc with a GUI, an integrated editor or
        a facility to invoke an existing editor eg: textedit and if
        possible, an integrated debugger.
        I know this is alot to ask for free.

        The general concensus was to use a combination of gcc, gdb and
        and Emacs, all are GNU products. Also suggested was an
        application called ddd (Data Display Debugger) which is a new
        graphical debugger.

        The reponse I followed up on was supplied by
        and he suggested using a package called xwpe.

        His reply was : there is a package called xwpe
        which does all you want.

        I downloaded the source and compiled it for Solaris 2.4 and with
        very elementary testing, it seem's to work fine.

        Thanks once again to all those who replied and sorry about the



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