SUMMARY: Some users instantly logged out

From: Eric Shafto (
Date: Fri Nov 22 1996 - 11:37:22 CST

Once again, the list comes through.

Original message (posted something like an hour ago!):

>I've had some users (about a dozen or so now, out of a total of maybe
>450) suddenly develop this weird problem. When they log in correctly,
>they get a "login incorrect" message and the telnet connection is
>immediately closed. If they type their password wrong, of course, they
>get the same message, but they're given another chance to type it.

The problem is that these accounts had exceeded their max-inactive time,
and were expired. I might have noticed that sooner if it happened more
often. Or maybe not; I'm pretty stupid sometimes.

Casper Dik suggests, btw, that the same problem could be caused by a
corrupted lastlog, but that wasn't the case here.

Thanks once again to Casper Dik, Russell A Weeks <>, and
Bob Woodward <> for your rapid assistance.

Eric Shafto
Dir. Academic Computing, Lake Forest Academy

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