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From: Ernesto Po Chu (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 09:42:46 CST

November 15, 1996

Hello Sun Managers,

My original posting:
> November 14, 1996
> To all SUN managers,
> I need your help very badly. I have accidentally changed
> the root password and now I can't logged in as root already.
> Please help me on how to correct this problem.
> Any help is highly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Ernie.
After a few moments, I received three responses. After almost
a day, I received over 45 responses. Wow, this mailing list is
really great.

Thank you very much for all your help.

My system is a SUN UltraSparc with Solaris 2.5 and CDE on it.
I forget to include this information when I first posted because
I was so panic at that time. Once again, thank you very much for
all your responses.

Allow me to summarize.

  a. On the keyboard, press <stop> <A> keys; this will cause the
      boot prompt to appear. I was lucky as I didn't put a password
      on the boot prom.
  b. From the cdrom drive, boot the Solaris 2.5 Installation CD by
      issuing the command 'boot cdrom' (less the single quotes).
  c. As soon as OpenWindows started, open a Command Tool window.
      Mount the root (/) partition containing the /etc directory.
    NOTE: Since I press <stop> <A> from a running system, I had to
      execute fsck on the disk slice /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s0.
  d. Edit the /etc/shadow file and remove the root password.
  f. Reboot and problem is solved.

Great Thanks to the following persons who responded:
  Domingo Susan <>
  Pate <>
  Brian E. Dunbar <>
  MaryEllen Yager <>
  Michelle Murillo <>
  Gary W. Cook <>
  Alfredo Sola <>
  Alberto Begliomini <>
  Reto Lichtensteiger <>
  Brian T. Wightman <>
  Milt Webb <>
  Craig Gates <>
  Raju Krishnamurthy <>
  John Bradley <>
  Matt <>
  Mark S. Anderson <>
  Michael Panayiotakis <>
  Michael Jarvis <>
  Dave Foster <>
  Micah Anderson <>
  Rich Kulawiec <>
  David Sinn <>
  Jose Calvillo <acalvi@Radix.Net>
  Brion Leary <>
  Alan K.K. Kong <>
  Jason Keltz <>
  Kent R Arnott <>
  Jim Harmon <>
  Stephen Harris <>
  Martin Achilli <>
  Herbert Wengatz <>
  Richard Aures <>
  Dave Roberts <>
  Gokhan Ozkan <>
  Larry Chin <>
  Neal S. Pressman <>
  Reggie Stuart <>
  David H. Dezern <>
  Jon Diekema <>
  John Reynolds <>
  Rich Casto <>
  Simon <>
  James Wendling <>


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