SUMMARY: GCC Binaries for Solaris 2.3

From: Bob White (
Date: Wed Nov 13 1996 - 13:18:51 CST

I originally asked for this, and these are the
people who responded.

Dave Foster Wrote:

I've been using these binaries, and many others,

under Solaris 2.3 with no problems.

Nicholas R LeRoy <>

Patrik Forsman Wrote:

We have built the GCC compiler on a 2.4
machine and we have no problem running it on
2.2 and 2.5 machines.

Patrik Forsman

Software Developer /
System Manager
Excosoft AB E-mail:

Thomas White <> Wrote
upgrade your 2.3 box.
I am surprised that you are running without
2.5 is the first solaris OS that I have found to be
VERY stable.
2.3 was rough to say the least.
(just my opinion) tw

And the winner is:
ChrisHaggard <>
who actually sent me a set of tar'd and
compressed binaries. Thank you Chris!!

I found the 2.4 and 2.5 binaries on ftp server, along with
many other products. Once I went home and
did a web search I found many sites with the
binaries. I searched on "solaris2 gnu gcc
binaries". Found lots of stuff. Thank all of you
who responded.

Bob White
Bechtel Nevada

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