Summary: root partition full problem

From: David Harel (
Date: Sun Nov 10 1996 - 04:28:11 CST

Thanks a lot Managers.

This time it was all my fault.

I had a savecore in rc file, which was saving to /home , which was wrong
directory and had filled up / when savecore executed after system panic.
/home is a mountpoint used by automount and when system was up I
couldn't notice the vmcore.0 file at /home (mount point) therefore df
didn't get it.

About / usage by naive users using cmdtool.
It seems that using scrolling in cmdtool will use the /usr/tmp directory
for temporary file. After normal installation /usr/tmp is a link
pointing to /var/tmp which was eventually full and caused me all that
headache. Of course I changed the link to /tmp , and linked /var/tmp to
/tmp as well.

Thanks to:

Mary Washburn <mpmw@CAST.Stanford.EDU> (Wang Guo-ren)
Michael van Dijk <>
Jochen Bern <> (Dave McFerren)
"McLean, Antonio" <>
Jim Harmon <> (Marina Daniels)

Original question:

> Hi managers:
> Scenario:
> Machine: sparc20 4x50
> OS: Solaris 2.4
> patches: all recommended installed (correctly hopefully)
> tmp: mount at swap as tmpfs
> root partition became full. A user that had nothing to do in root (and
> apparently wasn't there) had a cmdtool open and did an ls -lR . After a
> few screens of list a popup appeared saying probably file system is
> full.
> Doing the same with the scrolling disabled went fine. xterm with
> scrollbar: fine too.
> An other thing. I have noticed several times that root partitions became
> full boath on Solaris 2.4 and 2.5 without any explanation.
> doing df -s -d / showed that the space taken is much less than the
> df -k command said (yse I do know du reports blocks and not kbytes).
> After reboot and fsck things went fine again.
> Any idea ?
> And the last one:
> I have a machine that crashed many times lately due to data fault trap
> panic. The problem is not the system crash but again root partition
> full. fsck the partition didn't help and as explained in the earlyer
> paragraph, the df -s -d / showed a much smaller space than the df
> command.


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