SUMMARY: Need help using Iomega Jaz drive

From: David H. Brierley (
Date: Fri Nov 08 1996 - 13:20:11 CST

Thanks to all who responded to my query. It turns out the problem was
"overthinking" on my part. What I had tried to do was the following:

- Jaz drive is sd3
- "newfs sd3c"
  this appeared to work just fine
- "df /dev/sd3c"
  this produced the error "not a UNIX filesystem", so I assumed I had
  done something wrong.

The documentation from Iomega ("Using Iomega Drives on a Sun Workstation",
available from their fax-back line but apparently not available online)
simply states to run the newfs command and then to mount the file system.
I assumed that this would not work if the "df" command would not work
but I finally decided to just try it and lo and behold it works! Further
experimentation reveals that "df /dev/sd3c" works after you issue the
"mount" command but not before, and "df /dev/rsd3c" worked at all times.

Anyway, the final conclusion is that the drive works fine. Get the
"format.dat" file from the sun-managers archive, extract the entry for
the Jaz 1GB drive, label the disk cartridge using format, run the newfs
command, and then mount it. Voila, instant 1 gigabyte removable file
system. The only trick is figuring out how to allow users to do this
without compromising system security.

On Thu, 24 Oct 1996, David H. Brierley wrote:

> Help! I have received an Iomega Jaz drive that I am attempting to get
> working on SunOS 4.x. I downloaded the format.dat file from
> and it nicely contained an entry for this drive. The
> system recognizes the drive on boot-up and I am able to select the
> drive using "format". So far, so good! I then write a label onto the
> disk and build a file system using "newfs". The newfs command runs to
> completion with no indication of an error but it apparently is lying to
> me because I get the following error when I try to look at the file
> system I just created:
> Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on
> df: /dev/sd3c: not a UNIX filesystem
> I assume that someone has tried using these things before because how
> else would there already be an entry in the format.dat file. Is there
> something basic that I'm missing? Maybe a patch or a custom device
> driver?
> The machine I am trying to do this on is a sparc-5 running sunos 4.1.4
> with various patches installed (mostly security related patches). The
> disk drive is labelled "iomega jaz 1GB" and the disk cartridge is
> labelled "iomega jaz 1GB, formatted for IBM compatibles".
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