SUMMARY: looking for RDMS

From: James Cassidy (
Date: Mon Nov 04 1996 - 04:10:27 CST

Hi all,

        I would like to thank all those who replied to the
        following request :

        I am currently doing some testing with the idea
         of providing an intranet service to our LAN users
         I have compiled the latest version httpd and it's
         working fine.
         I am reluctant to hold all my HTML pages in flat
         ASCII files as they become harder to maintain for
         future updates, etc. I would like get my hands on
         a good freeware RDMS with support for the SQL standard.
         Any ideas would be much appreciated.
         I will summarise. TIA.

        PS : sorry for not mentioning the platform
        I would like this freeware RDMS to run a Sparc20 running Solaris 2.4

        Many replies were received and they pointed to the following :

        1. postgress95
           check it out at
                or at

        2. mSQL by Hughes Technology
           I don't have a www site URL but use any of the search engines
           to locate.

        3. I received the following from Alex Finkel

           You might want to look into AOLServer at
The web server is free and has in the past come bundled with Illustra, an
Object-Relational DBMS. The bundle inlcudes a limited license which allows
the database to be used with the web server only, except for administration

I have heard that Illustra may no longer be available from the site, but if
it is, Illustra has a small footprint and requires very little maintenance.

There is a mailing list for support, but AOL will only provide support with
a contract if support is an issue for you.

The web server is very good, being multi-threaded, and allowing for multiple
"virtual" server threads (on different ports).

I don't know how tied to httpd you are, especially after going through the
trouble to compile it, but AOLServer works very well, even without Illustra.

        Sorry for not listing all those who replied
        but once again THANKS.



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