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From: Coffindaffer, Virginia (
Date: Wed Oct 30 1996 - 14:29:00 CST

Hi Everyone,

I am totally amazed at how fast I get answers from sun-managers.

>I am trying to add security by turning off items in rpc and services. Also in
>using "netstat -i", one can get a line like:
>*.28503 *.* 0 0 0 0 LISTEN
>This is not a number associated with any service on the system. I would like
>to trace this "28503" back to a "pid". If this was not an acceptable socket,
>I could get rid of the pid that was using it. Does anyone know how to trace
>this number back to a pid ??

note: I really used "netstat -a" - and this number is randomly generated.

from Rich Kulawiec
Get yourself a copy of "lsof", which is a wonderful little tool
made exactly for solving problems like this. Among other things,
it will show you which PID has that socket open -- but it does
a lot of other things as well. I'm enclosing the README from lsof
below, to give you an idea of its capabilities. [ There's a much
newer version than the one described below but I believe it's at
the same FTP location. ]

from Reta Lichtensteiger
Use "lsof" You should be able to find it via AltaVista, or on

from Davide Migliavacca
Use lsof, you can get it in any decent software site, and the binaries =
for Solaris at

from Dan Simoes
Get a copy of lsof.

Thanks to all of you.

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