SUMMARY: lpNet error

From: D. Ellen March (
Date: Thu Oct 24 1996 - 16:37:03 CDT

Original question:

Error message in lpNet log, saying: Cannot find system-info
for connection.


The print server was unable to find information about a new
print client.

Thanks to (Jurgen M.)
      (Burton T. Wood)

for their responses below:

>From the error above, it appears as though the information
>about an lp client host (maybe a bsd host?) has
>disappeared, which, if native SVR4 lp spooling is used,
>lives in the file /etc/lp/Systems. Entries should be added
>via the "lpsystem" command, rather than by direct editing.

>Hope this helps & Good luck.


>I have just had this problem.

>In addition to the errors posting to /var/lp/logs/lpNet I also
>had errors posting to /var/saf/tcp/log every 5 seconds:
> Connect fd 6, svctag lpd, seq N, type passfd
>Where was a growing sequence count of the error.

>The problem turned out to be an MS NT (3.5) workstation
>print client.

>The solution was to purge the print queue on the NT (delete
>pending print jobs). For good measure I also deleted and
>re-entered the remote printer connection.

>This problem drove me and my service provider batty for two

>Hope this helps,
>Brion Leary <>

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