SUMMARY: Receiving mail for multiple domains

From: Felipe Rivera Marquez (
Date: Sat Oct 19 1996 - 10:23:02 CDT

On Sat, 19 Oct 1996, Felipe Rivera Marquez wrote:

> Hi managers..
> How do you setup a host to receive mail for multiple domains???
> i already have the MX entry... and nslookup reports that DNS is ok but i
> don't know where to tell sendmail to accept the mail for the other domains...
> I've tried this in
> Cw domain2.another.domain

This was OK
> but doesn't work... maybe you can point me to the solution
> Thanx :)

Thanx again all of you :)

I was doing the things right, but not right things (Reto
Lichtensteiger signs his e-mail with this phrase)

I thought that kill -HUP <> was enough...
but didn't...

And... well.. that was all... sorry :)

NOTE: actually was the process number.. ok?? :)

Well, well...
thanx to:
Brian Desmond
Rob Vahsen
Claus Assmann
Reto Lichtensteiger

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