SUMMARY:ultra 170e + AUI to 10baseT Adapter

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Date: Thu Oct 17 1996 - 12:38:32 CDT

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        Problem:Milan 10baseT to AUI ethernet adapter suspected of
                causing frequent hangs on Sun Ultra 170E desktops.

Many thanks to the folks who sent the excellent, and timely responses...

        There were many responses. First off, Digi Lan has replaced
Milan. Phone numbers are posted at the end. Many recommendations
for Allied Tellesis transceivers. Getting a 10BaseT hub was suggested.
This message from gerrys@Canada.Sun.COM (Gerry Singleton) tended to steer
us in the direction of trying some Allied Tellesis transceivers.

>While my access to is spotty, I managed to locate information that make me
>believe that the Milan adapters are special. In other words, there have
>been ocassions when Ultras with these adaptors exhibit the above symptoms.

>Consensus on this problem recommends that you try Allied Telysis transceivers
>instead of the Milans.

>I have had good experience with A-T transceivers but none with Milans. I trust
>that you'll get other answers shortly.


We hope to try a few of these A-Ts, and, look into a hub upgrade. We are going
to try a new card in our concentrator that will only require balun adaptors
to plug into the ultra 10BaseT receptical. I will repost, if either or both
of these work, or don't work...

It was also suggested to turn off the hearbeat switch (also called SQE
Test). These adapters had no switch.

More messages from Justin Young <>
and Bill Krauss <billk@LANcomp.COM> were of

>Well, you could transceive from the MII port. Sun sells the awkward
>gaudy things for about $250 each. It will allow you to go from MII to
>AUI. TP to AUI/Fiber/Thin transceivers aren't found too often. Maybe
>it's a reliability thing. Maybe it's not. Hope this helps.

>Justin Young

We are looking into a card we understand Sun sells for our current AUI drop.
Maybe this is that card.

and finally from Kenn Owen <>

>First: do you have an hme0 network interface.

>If so, I was having the same problem. Figured out that the driver was
>causing some problems with our hub. The debug kept reporting jabber on
>the network which just wasn't happening. Changed my hub and the problem
>went away. Sun is currently compiling a list of hubs that have been
>having problems with the hme0 card. I switched to a 3Com LinkBuilder
>TP/8 and it has been working just fine.

>Kenn Owen

One last thing from internal sources was something about turning off
"auto-sensing". I am still pursuing what this is.


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