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From: Gokhan ERDEM (
Date: Thu Oct 17 1996 - 08:31:44 CDT

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The problem was :

We were not be able to get big sized mails like 3 MB.
I asked if there is a limit to cause this ?

Many answers came telling that in file, you can set size limit
with parameter M.For example ;

Muucp, P=/usr/bin/uux, F=DFMhuU, S=12, R=22/42, M=100000,

If this is not set, it means that there is no size limit.
It wasn't set in our file, so the problem was something else.

The only answer saying that there
is a timeout for SMTP connections came from "Ian MacPhedran". Many thanks
to him. It is set in /etc/mail/ file. We increased the value for the
line and the problem is solved.

Thanks to those who responded:
Stephen Harris
Jim Meritt
Claus Assmann
Charles Homan
Mattias Zhabinskiy
Raju Krishnamurthy
Tom Caton

Gokhan ERDEM

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