Summary: Sparc 4 screen resolution (tcx)

From: Alan Chan (A.Chan@CdnAir.CA)
Date: Tue Oct 15 1996 - 13:45:32 CDT

Hi Sun Managers,

        Thanks so much for the prompt responses. You are a great group.
Here is my original question:
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Dear Sun Managers,

        My Sparc 4 has the a tcx frame buffer:

SUNW,tcx0 is /iommu@0,10000000/sbus@0,10001000/SUNW,tcx@2,800000
tcx0: revision 2, screen 1024x768

        How can one change the resolution? Is this possible or is it
hard-coded into the hardware?

        I tried the follow commands at the boot prom but the FB always
come up in 1024x768.

setenv output-device screen:r1152x900x66


setenv output-device /iommu/sbus/tcx:r1152x900x66

        My monitor is a Sun 17" Color Entry Monitor 365-1343.

        Thanks in advance for your help.

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        The responses ranged from "You can't do it" to the downright solution.
I think a couple of managers are going to be happy with this summary as they
too think it can't be done.

        Apparently the 17' Entry Color Monitor does support the 1152x900
resolution. Here is the concise steps:

(1) Halt your machine (SS4 with entry leval color monitor and only this
    monitor), using shutdown to get the prom ok prompt. Then type the
    following at the prompt as shown!!!!
(2) setenv output-device screen:1152x900x94
(3) setenv fcode-debug? true
(4) reset

Don't use boot at step (4), use reset.

        I tried it and it does work!! Stephen Johnston ( also
send me the following steps in addition to the above:

at ok prompt type:
setenv fcode-debug? true
setenv auto-boot? false
cd /sbus/sunw,tcx
screen select-dev
r1152x900x76 set-resolution
stop a
setenv auto-boot? true
reset and boot again

        He said you should do the above first. I found I don't have to do
it. Just the first 4 steps will work just fine. I included it here for
your reference.

        Thanks so much for the following managers for their responses:

Fedor Gnuchev <>
Prasad K. Dharmasena <>
Stephen Johnston <>
Dave Mitchell <>
Herbert Wengatz <>
Jim Harmon <>

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