SUMMARY: Pop DNS and Netscape navigatior

From: Daniel Beaudry (
Date: Thu Oct 10 1996 - 08:41:43 CDT

I have received some answers to my question, but none of them apply. Anyways, here is the summary, since it can hopefully help someone.

My original request:
Since a week now, I have a lot of users complaining about Netscape.
The problem reported is of the form:
The pop server does not have a DNS entry.

As an ISP, we run Solaris 2.4 on a clone Sparc 5. It is installed since 8 month with no problems. I am sure my users are setup properly, since I personally checked many of their configurations. Netscape used to work well for month for the very same users. But now, the same setup is working fine for some and does not work for others.

Something has changed, but I cannot tell what it is. Does any body enjoy a similar problem?

Jochen Bern <> Wrote:
>> Something has changed, but I cannot tell what it is. Does any body >enjoy a similar problem?
>Not exactly, but could it be that you changed to Netscape 3.0? We had
>Lots of interesting Side Effects from that, too, including total
>Failure of the "Netscape on SunOS to NCSA httpd 1.0x on SunOS requesting
>CGI Output" Combo. We had to upgrade our httpd. :-{
Not, It append with Netscape 2.0 users to.

Justin Young <> Wrote:
>Nope. We initially had that problem. It was because of Win95 users
>having the incorrect entry in Networking setup (for the domain).
>Heck, if all else fails, make them put the ip address in for the pop
>server. (yuck!)
Unfortunatly, that's exactly what we have to do with theses peoples :(

Rasana Atreya <> Wrote:
>In your /etc/nsswitch.conf there should be a line starting with "hosts"
>hosts: nisplus dns [NOTFOUND=return] files
>Make sure you have DNS listed after NIS or NIS+.

Thank's to every one who helped on this.

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