SUMMARY: Latest Precompiled FSF Software

From: Dr. D.G.Checketts (
Date: Mon Sep 30 1996 - 04:43:41 CDT

Original query :-


I am looking for NEWER versions of the FSF compilers and tools than
I currently have installed suitable for Suns PKGADD.

At present I have gcc, g++ and libg++ (all 2.6.0), gdb(4.13), perl(4.036)
and tools(2.4).

Does anyone know of anything newer?



Many thanks to all who responed (see below).

The best access point for precompiled binaries appears to be

Unfortunately, I was actually looking for Solaris 2.4 versions and no
one suggested anywhere to get anything newer than I already have. The
outcome appears to be get the source and compile it for 2.4.

I will need 2.5 versions as well as we now have a couple of Ultras so
your help has still been very useful.



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