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The original question:

> Sun Managers, our CIS application runs on a HP3000.
> To access it from our Suns we need an
> application on the Suns that will
> emulate an HP3000 terminal in block mode.
> Do you know of a package for Sparc2's running
> SUN O.S. 4.1.1 that can do block mode HP3000
> terminal emulation?

It turns out there are a couple of products that do this:
from (Dennis Evans)

We use a product named "IX92" with Solaris 2.x. I do not know if it runs
under Sol 1.x/SunOS 4.1.x

IX92 - by Software Licensing Corporation
          Suite 280
          930 Tahoe Blvd
          Incline Village, NV 89451
          (702) 832-0881

We din't follow up on this to find out if it runs on SUNOS4.1.1.



we use TeemTalk from Pericom software, (609) 588-5300. It does not give as
much functionality to our PC users accessing the HP3000 as does WRQ's
reflection, but it does an adequate job for folks running block mode apps on
the 3000. Let me know if you need more info.


We called Pericom and it turns out that they:

TeemX 320 provides 14 different emulation HP2392a HP2622a.

They gave us some boeing internal HP and Sun contacts.

Their stuff is also available for trial demo from: 30 day demo download (2 files)


from (Mark A Crowley)

We have the same problem but are able to run an emulator
on an HP-9000 HP-UX machine. The program name is vt3k.

So our command to run this is kinda long, but here is the
short of it:

rsh the-hp-ux-machine hpterm -display $DISPLAY \
-e vt3k [-a script.file] -t the-hp3000-hostname

This vt3k program can actually read a script file that will
execute commands on the HP3000 host.

If you find something better, pass it along.


We didn't follow up on this.

from John Benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>

at my previous job they had an hp3000, and the only way we could get
there, was using the WRQ Reflection package for Windows. it is the
only commercial HP terminal emulator i'm aware of. that's not what
you're asking for, but i know of no way to do what you want from a
sun. there might be a way to do it, if you have one of the newer DTCs
with the Telnet Access card in it. the DTC might do the necessary
translation for you.


We also didn't pursue this.

Thanks for a couple of vendor solutions and some tips on hacks, and in a
very short time period.

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