SUMMARY: qpopper and /etc/shadow

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Date: Fri Sep 27 1996 - 07:02:52 CDT

Well, I'm not sure what the deal is, but I got qpopper 2.2, and it works just fine. Thanks to:

Stephen Harris <>
Michael Jarvis <> (David Schiffrin)


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Greetings! I have qpopper 2.1.4-r3 installed on a Sol2.5 machine, and I can't get it to accept a password when I telnet into port 110. The session looks like this:

  cobra:charles-[42]-->telnet cobra 110
  Trying xx.xx.xx.xx...
  Connected to cobra.
  Escape character is '^]'.
  +OK QUALCOMM Pop server derived from UCB (version 2.1.4-R3) at cobra starting.
  user charles
  +OK Password required for charles.
  pass xxxxxxxx
  -ERR Password supplied for "charles" is incorrect.
  +OK Pop server at cobra signing off.
  Connection closed by foreign host.

In checking the archives, I ran across a summary that seemed to imply that this was due to passwords being in /etc/shadow, rather than passwd. They didn't elaborate, though, because they were running NIS+. This makes sense to me, as we have the same package installed on an HP-UX machine, and it works fine.

So my question is twofold: Can I get qpopper to get passwords out of the password file? And, barring that, how hard is NIS+ to set up in a multi-computer (100+) environment?

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