SUMMARY: Jumpstart question followup

From: Greg Spiegelberg (
Date: Wed Sep 25 1996 - 03:46:33 CDT

I said originally...
< Question for the Sun folks that may be listening...
< Is there somewhere I can look where Jumpstart for Solaris 2.5.x is
< *well* documented? The installation book is somewhat lacking and
< I don't have the Answerbook CD. Something that'll answer questions
< like my previous one (how to have timezone already set), how to get
< is to pass the subnet/netmasks question, general config tips, and
< maybe what is the installation binary/script that is being ran once
< the system is up and can it be replaced. You get the jist.

The replies generally pointed to the book:

Automating Solaris Installations - A Custom Jumpstart Guide
Paul Anthony Kasper and Alan L McClellan
Prentice Hall (Sunsoft press)
ISBN 0-13-312505-X

I haven't gotten the book or had a chance to even look at it but
I would suspect it's the only reference around for Jumpstart hence
the summary.

Thanks to...
Dave Mitchell <> (Jeff Wasilko)

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