SUMMARY: Problem with Sun patch 103017-05...

From: David G Wiseman (
Date: Mon Sep 23 1996 - 09:04:52 CDT

>> System: Sun Ultra-2 Creator whatever
>> O/S: Solaris 2.5.1 (with 2.5.1_Recommended patches applied)
>> And: SPARCstorage Array Software and SPARCstorage Volume Manager 2.1.1
>> SUNWssadv VERSION: 11.5.1,REV=
>> SUNWssaop VERSION: 11.5.1,REV=
>> The readmes with the Storage Array s/w insists that I MUST apply patch 103017
>> before trying to use my new array. I retrieved 103017-05 from
>> and attempted to install it. It won't.

Thank you all. Many were quite quick to point out that either I was or the
Storage Array readmes are confused.

While the Storage Array README says 103017-05, the Solaris 2.5.1 PatchReport
refers to 103766-02 as the SSA jumbo patch.

Patch 103766-02 is not in the pub/patches directory on sunsolve. We had to
go through Sun to get it.

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