SUMMARY: Reverse Mail Aliasing

From: Gokhan ERDEM (
Date: Sat Sep 21 1996 - 02:20:46 CDT

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My Question was as follows :

>Here is the simple question for you:
>I have an account as
>But I want my outgoing mails have
>in their From line. We are using NIS+.
>Is there way to do this ?

Three answers came, but I only tried one.It works.
The solution that came from Daniel J Blander is :

In ruleset 22 on the stock sendmail you wil see:


make sure it is uncommented and the other DZ is commented.

Then put a comment infront of the stock line :

#R$-<@$+> $:$>3${Z$1@$2$} cause it doesn't work....

and before the last line put in:

R$+ $:${Z$1$} cause it does work

And in your /etc/mail/aliases file, at the begining, put


You may need to flush the aliases (make them empty) because
lookup order can affect the Reverse lookup. Flush it by copying
the aliases file to another name, empty all the aliases out
of the original, run nisaddent -mvf /etc/aliases aliases
then copy the copy back to aliases and redo the nisaddent...


Gokhan ERDEM

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