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Date: Wed Sep 11 1996 - 10:33:34 CDT


Original Post:
>Can anyone explain to me the following associated problems.
>In the following example both machines are SPARC10s at SunOS
>I had one machine (A) with hard nfs mounts to another (B). Machine B
>was taken offline before the nfs mounts could be removed from A.
>When users would then log into A they would get the motd, then
>the login would hang for 3 minutes, then they would get a prompt.
>When I removed the nfs mounts the logins went through without delay.
>The users had nothing in their .login/.cshrc files that tried to
>grab anything across the mounts.
>What's the association?

The consensus amoung responders was that the login process checks
for disk quotas on all mounted disks. Since Machine B was offline,
the login hung until it timed out for the NFS mounted drives. This
can be resolved either by creating a .hushlogin file in the home
directory of anyone logging into the machine. Ths .hushlogin will
supress the MOTD and disk quota checking. Another method is to
mount remote drives with the noquota option to turn off quota
checking. Finally, the solution I used was just to remove the
stale mounts.

Thanks to the following:
Dave Mitchell <> (Raymond Wong) (Bruce Rossiter)
Tox Gunn <>
GK Subrahmanian <> (Michael Sullivan)
Ric Anderson <> (Danny Johnson 0172547)
Jason Keltz <>
"Peter R. Allott" <>
Marc Koller <> (Ron Loftin)

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