SUMMARY: NSKit 1.2 & securenets

From: Anchi Zhang (anchi@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 09 1996 - 15:27:28 CDT

My original posting:

  From the man page for securenets

         The netmask field may be either or the
         string ``host'' indicating that the second field is a
         specific host to be allowed access.

  However, when "host" is the only entry in
  /var/yp/securenets, my NIS server responds not only to requests
  from but to those from other clients.

The prompt response from precisely explained
what I am experiencing:

  My experience with this is that I had hoped to make a machine into a
  slave server that would only bind to it's self and NOT serve
  nis maps to any other hosts on any subnet. I too put only one line in the
  securenets file but it was "host". The behavior I observed was
  that any yp client that uses the -broadcast option was getting bound to the
  slave server in question but no maps were being served, ie locking up
  the client station by being bound but not served. I called sun and asked
  for an enhancement that will not allow the ypserving machine to grant binds
  but not serving maps. This totally hosed my jumpstarts until I figured
  out why they were freezing after they get a nis server.

I opened a service order with Sun (SO#2566190) and was later told flat
out that the designers of NSKit had wanted it to function this way and
had no intention to change it.

Thanks also go to and


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