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Date: Sun Sep 08 1996 - 06:50:27 CDT

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        Michael Jarvis <>
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2 Suggestions

        a TCP/IP connection with a PC/Windows lpd daemon
        shift-prtscr key
        do-it-yourself scripts making use of ftp/kermit/zmodem or whatever
        samba (use smbclient)

3 Solution Used: lpansi

This is a small program developed by Gary Day <> which
comes with recent versions of the web browser lynx. lpansi.c is about 1K
in size and took about 15 seconds to compile on my Solaris machine. It
compiled first attempt without a single message. The resulting a.out file
worked first attempt too. Fantastic! The program sends a signal to the PC
to redirect output to the printer, then sends the file to standard output,
then sends another signal to the PC to change output back to the screen
(according to the readme file). I edited my lynx (old version)
configuration file to add the following line.

PRINTER:Your PC's Printer:/usr/local/bin/lpansi %s:TRUE

Now when my users use lynx they can print out any web page instantly
just by pressing p and selecting "Your PC's Printer".

I found it very hard to find a copy of lpansi on the Internet, so I've
made them available myself at
This directory contains the source code (lpansi.c 1K), a sun sparc solaris
executable file (lpansi 6K), the readme file (lpansi.txt 2K), and a
uuencoded copy of the executable (lpansi.enc 8K).

I am in the process of contacting Gary Day to ask permission to do this.

4. Original Posting

> Is there a command to print to the printer attached to the parallel port
> of a PC whose user is logged in to a shell/terminal account an a Sun Sparc
> Solaris Classic? I've used search engines to no avail to find one. Thanks

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