Summary: Watchdog Reset and Summary Sites

From: Becker, Mark (
Date: Fri Aug 30 1996 - 13:59:00 CDT

Yesterday I asked

> On one of the 4 Sun 630 MPs that we are running we get a "Watchdog Reset"
> message when rebooting the system.
> This system is rebooted daily - I do not know if the memory is run across
> all 256M of RAM on POST.
> This has happened twice in the past week. The lightly loaded system seems

> to run fine during production hours.
> BTW, does anyone remember the location where summaries to this list are
> posted and made searchable?

Thanks to :

Keith (e-mail address swallowed by MicroUseless mail)
Benjamin Cline
Johnie Stafford
Stefan Rauthenberg rauthenberg@HHI.DE

Who pointed out that if one gets a watchdog reset while the system is
booting the problem
is a CPU problem and you cannot easily determine which CPU is at fault.
Last night the Sun maintenance fellow replaced both CPUs (of course he
brought 2 different
CPU boards and staff had to wait while a matched pair was picked up and
delivered). The system is back up and running.

The following URLs were given for locating Sun Manager Summaries.
The Nexial site uses a fuzzy search engine that is very forgiving.

Stefan added that for those of us with email but w/o net access

  Even if you do not have full access to the Internet, you can still take
  advantage of archives and WAIS via the WAIS mail
  server. While this is a primitive tool compared to interactive usage,
  it does work. To get information on using the WAIS mail server, send a
  message to with a body containing the single
  word "help". If you wish to search the SUMMARY messages from
  sun-managers, you can use the "sun-managers-summary.src" source.

Thanks again for the rapid and accurate responses.


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