SUMMARY: installing on a running system

From: Greg Spiegelberg (
Date: Thu Aug 29 1996 - 11:13:19 CDT

Thanks for the quick replies.

I said...
< Subject: installing on a running system
< Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 09:20:46 -0400 (EDT)
< I have a Sparc 10 running 2.4 with many patches and would like to get
< 2.5 installed but it's required to be available 24hrs a day.
< Any way I could do a 2.5 install on a spare drive on the above system
< while it's running so I could boot from it next chance I get?

The general consensus was to install 2.5 to a disk on a separate
machine and move the disk over to the current 2.4 machine making
changes as needed (like hostname, IP addr, ...). Didn't seem to
be any other apparent way.

I will make an additional summary if news to the contrary shows up.

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