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From: Gary Smith (
Date: Fri Aug 23 1996 - 15:15:55 CDT

> Has anyone out there had experience with using "appliance" style devices
> for things such as NFS servers, etc.? More specific, is anyone using any
> of the NFS servers from NetworkAppliance (the F220 or F320)? I'm curious
> why this might be chosen over an SSA.

Thanks to all who responded: (Alan F Lundin)
        Jim Faust <>
        john heasley <> (John Hall)
        Benjamin Cline <>
        "Peter L. Buschman" <>
        "Trevor Paquette" <>
        Dave Brady <> (Terry Bohaning) (Paul Ybarra)

Everyone has given major kudos to the NetworkAppliance NFS servers.
The consensus is that they are very fast, fairl cost
effective, easy
to maintain and configure, and almost bug free. Here's a summary from
Jim Faust:

# Positives about NetApp:
# Incredibly easy to setup and run
# Cheap (relatively speaking)
# OS upgrade takes less than thirty minutes
# Great response from NetApp support
# Takes about a minute to boot
# Raid 4 works great, I've had disks fail and didn't know it.
# On line snapshot
# It just runs
# Negatives:
# It doesn't run NIS, but this hasn't been a problem for me.

I went to and looked up the Laddis
specs on NetApp and the new Sun Netra, and they are about the same
in performance.

Network Appliances =
Sun Microsystems Netra =

--Gary Smith (

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