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From: Elena Gianolio (
Date: Thu Aug 01 1996 - 03:10:20 CDT

I sent already once the SUMMARY but it seems it didn't arrive ....

My original question:

> is it possible to automatically start a daemon after the boot
> as a "normal user" and not as root without doing it by hand?
> (Ultrasparc1 with solaris2.5)

The answer:
In /etc/rc2.d/ or /etc/rc3.d
put a file called S99whatever. (eg S99LOCAL which is where I put my "site local"
This can be normally a soft link to the actual script file (in /etc/init.d/).

S99whatever will have code which looks like this:

su 'user' -c 'command to run'

Thanks for all the quick answers: (Frank Pardo) (Stephen Harris)
"Vaughn Eisler" <eisler@UU.NET> (Brian L Plante)
John Bradley <>
Davin Milun <milun@cs.Buffalo.EDU>
Rahul Roy <>
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Alex Finkel <> (Peter Schauss x 2014) (Michael Sullivan) (Scott Swoboda) (Gregory M Polanski) (Jason Noorman) (D461-Viet_Q_Hoang(0)82572) (Marc S. Gibian) (Sesharao Patchipala)
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