SUMMARY: in.routed losing its cache

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Date: Thu Jul 25 1996 - 12:08:16 CDT

New title should be: route -f disables routed.

It turns out, in.routed was losing its cache for good reason.
There was a cabling problem and RIP was taking longer to reach
certain hosts. Routes are deleted if they are not heard again
in 180 secs. BUT, that problem is fixed so the routes dont go
away *unless* you type 'route -f'. The table is flushed, snoop
and in.routed -t prove RIPs are being heard <180secs, but table
is never reset. Its almost as if route -f just turns off routed!
Has anyone seen this before under 2.x? There are 3 bugs listed
on sunsolve that document this very behavior, going back as far
as 4.1.1, but there is no response from Sun and the bugs are
closed with no patch reference.

Also, we tried gated and behavior was similar.

FYI: Those bug-ids are; 1140039, 1193126, 1144504


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If you flush the routing table, routed idea of the route table and
the table in the kernel get out of sync.
You can't mix "route" and "routed" precisely because of that.
(What you see has always been my experience)
>Part II: Do routes age under Solaris routed? What about the
>default route?
Within routed, routes age and if no update is received for a route,
it gets removed.

Haven't seen this particular problem yet...

in.routed will age routes that it has discovered. Any manually entered
routes (such as the default or others added with 'route add ...') are
classed as static and do not get aged.

billk@LANcomp.COM **Many responses Thanks!

Yeah, that describes the bug I had seen. Routes should be updated and
deleted properly, so long a flush is never performed. Why Sun has not
fixed this, I'll never know. If you have a service contract, make sure
you put a call in to the Hotline. If more people bring attention to it,
perhaps they'll fix it.

One possible work-around is to run in.gated rather than in.routed. It's
Public Domain and actually provides more functionality than in.routed. I
forget where you can get it, but I can look it up if you can't find it.
Let me know...


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