Summary: Secure Console

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Date: Mon Jul 22 1996 - 12:19:58 CDT

Summary: Secure Console

Hi Everyone,

My original query:

>Hi Everyone,

>We have a station in the lab runing solaris 2.3 and has a secure console.
>So the root user has to be physically on the console in order to be root.

>I want to disable this......
>Any input would be great

To telnet into a Solaris 2.3 system as root you simply
comment out.


in the file /etc/default/login

do a reboot.

Thanks to all who replied ...

Rasana Atreya
David Pope
Mark S. Anderson
Aline H. Runde
Darryl Kuykendall
Craig Ledbetter
Jeff Popp
Davin Milun
Mike D. Kail
Sean Ward
Kevin Sheehan
James Coby
Kris Briscoe
Stephen Harris
Greg Spiegelberg
Tim Evans
Lusty Wench
Daniel J Blander
Sesharao Patchipal
Sergio Avila Casta
Jeff Wasilko
David Staggs
Tony Kay
Milt Webb
Edgar V.S. Der-Dan
Jay Morgan
Ing. Carlos Ramon
Fedor Gnuchev
Denis Campeau
Jens Madsen
Anya Sotiropoulou
Jay Holt
Reggie Stuart
Torsten Metzner
Jens Fischer
Albert Brouwer
Niall O Broin
Cristian Martinez
Brian Graham
David Gillam
Jerry Springer

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