SUMMARY: Slow DNS lookups

From: Andy Mitchell (
Date: Mon Jul 15 1996 - 12:20:28 CDT

Last week I posted the following:

>>From the console I run ftp:
># ftp
>About 10-15 seconds later I get a response from the remote site. This occurs
>regardless of whose site I access. On a machine directly next to this one
>(a Linux machine BTW) I can ftp to the same site immediately. Now here's
>the rub - I close the connection to and reissue the ftp command.
>Wham - I'm connected instantly. I have this identical behaviour for
>rlogin, telnet, ftp, http, POP3, and ftp connections. I'm thinking TCP/IP or
>DNS problems but can't find anything wrong with my configuration.
> I've reviewed SUNWrdm but don't see anything that dierctly pertains to
>this problem description. Casper's FAQ didn't give me any pointers (or, more
>likely, I'm too dense to have recognized them ;-) Any hints?

THanks to everyone for their suggestions. I'll try to cover as many as I

1. Uhh...I didn't actually *try* to ftp to That was an example.
2. The problem was not nsswitch.conf (I had hosts: dns files and do not
use nis
3. killing nscd made no noticeable difference.
4. Don;t use suns dns. I don't. THis was a fresh built BIND 4.9.3
5. more stuff that I had already tried...

Well, apparently everyone was right with respect to DNS (which is what I
thought, but I have so little experience with 2.5.1 that I thought there
might be a known bug...) It was clearly a DNS problem - recompiling
BIND and cleaning up my db files seems to have done the trick. Oh
well. Thanks again for all the help!!


ps. Here's a little something that I don;t even want to think about:
using IP addresses instead of hostnames was also slow and is now fast.
That sholdn;t have anything to do with DNS should it? Maybe reverse
lookups on the reverse end?

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