SUMMARY: inetd weirdness & SATAN

Date: Mon Jul 15 1996 - 09:52:16 CDT

Hi everyone,

Well, not much of a response to my message about SATAN causing inetd to hang
etc. One suggestion was related to Sol 2.4 - I should have stated that we're
running 2.5. Another suggestion was to rename SATAN to SANTA! Well, for the
sake of completeness we tried it, and it didnt help.

The real answer came with some help from the SATAN/SANTA people themselves.
In /etc/inetd.conf there is an entry for the Font Server like so:

fs stream tcp wait nobody /usr/openwin/lib/ fs doesnt exist, and when SATAN probed it, it caused inetd to keel over.
The answer was to comment out this line from inetd.conf.

Thanks to:

Mark Hargrave -
Matthew Stier -

and from SATAN:

Wietse Venema -

Original Post:
> Hi all,
> I was having a go with SATAN just now and noticed a peculiar error message.
> After running it against one of our servers, a couple of users complained
> about being mysteriously logged off the system and the following message
> appeared on the console:
> inetd[227]: /usr/openwin/lib/ Child Status Changed
> .. and it just keeps on coming. Doing a kill -HUP on inetd makes no difference
> (well, did you think it would?).
> Any idea why this is happening? Is it because of SATAN or is that just a
> red-herring?
> Thanks
> David Poulet
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