SUMMARY: ow to change the default "/var/mail" dir of sendmail?

From: Georges Chan (
Date: Wed Jul 10 1996 - 22:14:33 CDT

Hi yall,
        Thanks to the following people and their quick response:
        Tony Ching-Tung Wu <>
        Matthew Stier - Imonics Corporation <>
        "Patrick O'Brien" < (David Schiffrin) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
        The answer was to:
        1) Hack the daemon that deliver local mail: /usr/lib/mail.local.
           For more detail on it look at the man page.
           One way is to recompile it (but so far I found only BSD versions)
           Another way is to replace it with something else, such as:
           smail, or procmail. If so, do not forget to change
           Mlocal entry.
        2) /usr/lib/sendmail has also the "/var/mail/spool" directory
           hardcoded in it. To fix it, get the sendmail source code and
           recompile it. Also change the spooling directory in the
           /etc/mail/ if needed.
        3) If (1) & (2) have been done sucessfully, then fix the path for user
           One way is to set the MAIL environment to point to the new directory.
           Another way is to add some rc file in /etc/mail namely mailx.rc
           Mail.rc, e.g:
           set MAIL /newdir/$LOGNAME
Hope that this summary will help anyone who may hit the same problem!

FYI, I found this from the sendmail FAQ:

> * How can I get sendmail to deliver local mail to $HOME/.mail
> instead of into /usr/spool/mail (or /usr/mail)?
> Again, this is a local mailer issue, not a sendmail issue.
> Either modify your local mailer (source code will be
> required) or change the program called in the "local" mailer
> configuration description to be a new program that does this
> local delivery. One program that is capable of doing this is
> "procmail", although there are probably many others as well.
> You might be interested in reading the paper ``HLFSD:
> Delivering Email to your $HOME'' available in the Proceedings
> of the USENIX System Administration (LISA VII) Conference
> (November 1993). This is also available via public FTP from
> in /pub/hlfsd/{README.hlfsd,}.


Georges Chan.

PS: Sorry for my .signature if it causes some inconveniences.

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