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Date: Wed Jul 10 1996 - 13:06:54 CDT

Hi Folks,

    Because of the very thoughtful and numerous replies I received to my
earlier posting, I wanted to summarize for all.

    The issue was that I had posted a question concerning the 'elm' mail
program and had received a response which indicated some annoyance that I
was 'misusing' the group, since this was not 'Sun admin related'.

    On a percentage basis, the answers broke out as follows:

    Perspective Percentage
    ------------------------ ----------
    Question was acceptable 45%
    Question was acceptable, but there 25%
         are other, better sources
    No, It is not acceptable 25%
    Ted Kazinski(?) on steroids 5%

    The primary issue centers on what it means to "administer and manage sun
systems" (charter paragraph 3).

    My interpretation is that I adminster systems to allow the end user's to
perform their work more efficiently, which means administering programs that
allow them to communicate, compute, process or whatever. To me, the
applications are part of managing and administering.

    Having said that I would also agree with the perspective that there is a
better forum for questions on 'elm', so if anyone would care to tell me how
to correspond with comp.elm.mail, I would be happy to redirect any
inquiries in that area to that group.

    Having said that, I feel it is justifiable to send some quiries on
'related' topics to the list (related topics are allowed under the charter).
Respondents can redirect the questioner to a better source, if one exists.
This would expand the level of knowledge by presenting to the questioner(s)
new forums of information, which is good for Sun people and the UNIX world
as a whole.

    Another benefit of seeing these questions is that I have been introduced
to new software and new areas for improvement that I otherwise would not
have learned about.

    The main frustration presented that the list would fill up with garbage.
Being a member of serveral lists, I find the Sun-mangers to be the most
precise, thoughtful group and probably has the fewest postings I've seen.

    Remeber, as you learn more, others around you become dummer.

Thomas \:)

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