SUMMARY: non-moving mouse for suns ???

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Date: Mon Jul 08 1996 - 19:04:00 CDT


Thanks for the MEGA replies.

Basically, there were three types of replies:

1.) buy it from SunExpress for $199 ( ouch!! ) It is called MOUSE-TRAK, made
by ITAC.

2.) Buy a trac ball from "Microspeed" 800 245 8649. Cost unknown.

3.) Buy a converter box from SunExpress for about $75 which will allow me to
use a PC compatible track ball.

Also Gary Carr ( issues the following warning when using
trackballs to mimick a three button mouse:

"I've used one on a Sun and on other workstations. The problem is that it is
fairly easy to mimic a one (or two) button mouse with a trackball, but
difficult to do a usable job for a three button mouse. Using a trackball
with Mac/OS, Windows, or Motif is fairly reasonable because you almost
never have to use anything but mouse button #1. Trying to use a trackball
with openwindows applications that use all three mouse buttons is painfull."

Thanks to the following:


My original post:


I have a user who recovering from shoulder surgery and has limited movement.

Does sun ( or anybody else ) make a mouse for a sun that does not move around,
but instead has a track ball on top for manuvering ??

I've seen these for PC's.

Thanks !!

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