SUMMARY: HELP That @#! Sys V printing

From: Chris Wozniak (
Date: Thu Jul 04 1996 - 18:13:00 CDT

I have received four answers to the following query:

> Hail O Wise and Mighty
> Recently I upgraded my print server from SunOS to Solaris 2.5. Print server
> runs several plotters and a couple of Tektronix PostScript Phasers. Its
> clients are: our main file server running patched-up Solaris 2.4, several
> SunOS 4.1.3 hosts and a couple of new Ultras/Sol 2.5. After upgrade I set
> Ultras and SunOS clients to print on the server and there were no dramas.
> The problem is Solaris 2.4 file server. When I tried to rearrange printing
> there I started getting error messages from "lpstat -t" and
> when I tried to print to phasers I received messages listed below. So last
> weekend I installed some patches including 101959-07 lp jumbo.
> The lpstat error message dissapeared but I still can't print to the PS
> Phasers and am getting same message:
> # lp - d phaser2_paper
> UX:lp: ERROR: There is no filter to convert the file content.
> TO FIX: Use the lpstat -p -l command to find a
> printer that can handle the file type
> directly, check your filters using lpfilter -f all -l,
> or consult with your system
> administrator.
> I HATE SYSTEM V PRINTING (or should I hate Solaris 2.4 ??? ) !!!!
> HELP !!!
> Chris Wozniak
> System Administrator

The first reply, arriving in about 15 minutes provided the right solution:

 "lpadmin -p phaser1_paper -I any"

Now why isn't this option described in man pages for lpadmin and why
Solaris 2.5 doesn't need it will remain a dark secret of Sun Microsystems.

Many thanks to:

Stuart Allan Beck
Erich Breu
Brian Desmond
Jens Fischer <>

Chris Wozniak
System Administrator

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