SUMMARY: PERFMETER with Netra 2.0 and Solaris 2.4

From: Ing. Felipe Tribaldos (
Date: Thu Jun 27 1996 - 06:35:03 CDT

Hello Sun Managers;
rpc.statd daemon.

I our cases it turns out that it was correctly configured in the /etc/inetd.conf
and /etc/services, but however was disabled in the tcp wrappers configuration.

statd was set to nobody for tcp wrappers. Changing this to local did the
trick for us.

Following are the replies received.

Thanks to all that replied.



Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 13:35:47 -0400
From: mshon@sunrock.East.Sun.COM (Michael J. Shon {*Prof Services} Sun Rochester)
Subject: Re: PERFMETER with Netra 2.0 and Solaris 2.4

I don't know for certain, but I expect that this is because perfmeter
talks to rpc.statd, and statd is not running on the Netra.
It may not be installed at all, or it may be installed but disabled
( see /etc/inetd.conf ) as a security feature.

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Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 08:53:35 -0700
From: (Don Catey)
Subject: Re: PERFMETER with Netra 2.0 and Solaris 2.4

Be sure that the rpc.rstatd is running on your Netra box.
This is the daemon that perfmeter uses to get it's
information. It is started in the /etc/inetd.conf file
as the following line:

:rstatd/2-4 tli rpc/datagram_v wait root /usr/lib/netsvc/rstat/rpc.rstatd rpc.rstatd

If the OS is chopped, it is possible that this executable is
not on your system. If you have another Solaris 2.4 you
could probably copy the rpc.rstatd into the path specified.

Don Catey
Motorola GSTG
Scottsdale, AZ



From: Daniel.Blander@ACSacs.Com
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 08:49:19 -0700
Subject: Re: PERFMETER with Netra 2.0 and Solaris 2.4

Actually if you go into your "security" section where you set up
the tcp_wrappers (services that are local,all,none) and set rstatd
to at least "local" you will get it back. perfmeter relies on
rstatd to give it info and if it is blocked off by the security
feature of Netra, then perfmeter won't work....

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