SUMMARY: hyperSPARC module (ROSS)

From: Andrew Watkins (
Date: Mon Jun 17 1996 - 08:14:55 CDT


> I am trying to get a feel for ROSS's hyperSPARC chips. We may me getting
> a evaluation of the 133MHz hyperSPARC chip in a 670MP running SunOS 4.1.3.
> And I would like to find out if anyone has any comments on it, has it
> increased performance, etc...

First thanks for all replied replied:
Bevin.Steer@UniSA.Edu.Au (Michael Thompson)

   - ROSS's hyperSPARC chip will work on Solaris 1.1 (SunOS 4.1.3) with a ROSS patch.

   - The improved speed increase with SS20 model 61 with the 150Mhz (512Kb cache)
        module can be twice as much.

   - There may be a down fall installing the chip on a RDBMS machine, since the
        chip has only 512KB cache over the 1MB of the SuperSPARC, but on the other
        hand performace increase can be great with floating point work.

   - I will be going ahead with the evaluation and I will summaries my results
        when it is over.

   - Also, the UK dealer which I am dealing with is:
        Stellar Performance
        Oxford House
        London W4 4DH
        tel: 0181 987 9922

Andrew Watkins

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