Summary: Wren VI format.dat entry

From: Christopher E. Olaes (
Date: Sun Jun 16 1996 - 12:13:50 CDT

> Hi Everyone,
> Sorry to bother everyone again, but does anyone have the
> partition entry for the Wren VI drive....
> I just purchased one...And need got the disk_type from the format.dat
> archives on
> However, I don't exactly know what the c partition size is....
> Is there anyway to calculate this from the disk_type or does someone
> have a this info....
> Thanks
> Chris
> I would run scsiinfo to get this info, but I know have a machine that
> runs in the building I am working in......

The Wren VI format.dat entry was found in the format.dat archives.

There was an entry in there for Wren VI.
The answer to my question was how do I set up blocksizes for partitions
and so forth.

Actually given the number of data cyclinders is all you need..

1. run format
2. select disk
3. go into partition menu
4. edit the c partition
5. starting from 0 to number of data cyclinders...

And that is about it...Then you can set up the other partitions the way
you want with variable block sizes...

Thanks to everyone who replied.

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