From: Craig Ledbetter (
Date: Tue Jun 11 1996 - 15:17:27 CDT

Many thanks for the help. I just changed the value in the /etc/system file and rebooted,
showed the boss it had changed, and changed it back. Took a little explaining for the second
reboot, but oh well.

Here is my original message:

Hi all,
        The boss read a magazine that told him to increase the number of TCB's
on our web server to increase performance. SO, I get to figure out what
that means and how to do it. I do know that TCB's are Transaction
Control Blocks, and that on solaris systems the number of them is
controlled by the MAX USERS system varible. I just can't remember how
to set that varible (I forget commands as easily as I do birthdays.)
Our web server is a Sun Ultra 1 running Solaris 2.5 with the 2.5 jumbo
patch. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks -- I will summarize.

                        Craig Ledbetter
                        Systems Engineer
                        Home Account Network Inc.
                        Charleston SC

and the best reponse I recived:

Rahul Roy wrote:
> You would be crazy to tune an Ultra 1 !!!! Nobody tunes an Ultra !! How
> many hits do you get in a day - several thousands ?? :-) I would suggest
> telling your boss that you fixed the parameter !!!
> regards and best wishes..
> Rahul
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the most informative:

Reto Lichtensteiger wrote:
> The boss?! Jeez, just tell him "OK, it's done" Who died and made him an
> authority anyway!!!
> In /etc/system search down for the "set:" section and add
> * set:
> *
> * Set an integer variable in the kernel or a module to a new value.
> * This facility should be used with caution. See system(4).
> *
> set maxusers=XX
> Reto
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> R A Lichtensteiger -or-
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and the most direct: wrote:
> Take a look at '/etc/system' file.


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