SUMMARY: in.routed not starting and running out of swap space

From: Dotty Pon (
Date: Mon Jun 10 1996 - 19:30:23 CDT

Thanks for all your help. There are too many names to print here but
you know who you are.

The answers I received for the in.routed problem were:

1. Install jumbo patch
    [ I am not allowed to do this because our software must run on a bare
      bones OS ]
2. check /etc/init.d/netinet
    [ This file doesn't exist on my machine ]
3. put echo statements in startup script
    [ already tried that - didn't get any good information ]
4. check to make sure /etc/defaultrouter doesn't exist
    [ it doesn't ]
5. You don't need a routed if you only have one interface.
    [ if I don't have routed running then I can't ping other
      machines on the same network ]
6. Someone gave me a little code to add to my rc2 to turn
    on shell debugging so that I could see what was going
    [ I haven't tried that yet ]

The answers I received for the second question were:

1. Install jumbo patch
    [ I'm not allowed - see comment for (1) above ]
2. 40MB of swap space is not enough for Sol 2.4/2.5
    [ This is the solution I will use - increase the
      swap space on the machine ]

Thanks again!

The orignal question:
>Sun Managers:
>I have a machine - a Tatung Sparc 5 clone and it's running
>Solaris 2.4 with no patches. Most recently, I've noticed
>that in.routed doesn't start up at boot time. I've checked
>for the obvious things:
>a) /etc/defaultdomain doesn't exist
>b) /etc/gateways doesn't exist
>c) /usr/sbin/in.rdisc does not exist
>This machine only has one interface (le0) and it is not a
>gateway machine. If I start it by hand, it runs and there
>are no complaints.
>Any suggestions?
>My other problem is that the same machine is continually
>running out of swap space. It has 32MB RAM and approx.
>40MB of swap. This is a machine used for testing the
>software that we write and usually when we leave an
>overnight test running, the machine's out of swap space
>by the next day.
>None of the programs have memory leaks because the
>same set of binaries run on a comparable Solaris 2.4
>system. And that machine doesn't come close to running
>out of swap
>When the Sparc 5 runs out of swap space, I exit out of
>OpenWindows and I try to kill processes but 'ps' won't
>work because there's no swap. The only solution I have
>is to shutdown the machine and reboot it.
>Has anyone seen this problem? Is there a recommended
>We sorely need this test machine up and running week-long
>tests so any suggestions are appreciated!
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