SUMMARY: Replacement of Seagate St1480N with ST51080N problems

From: George Goffe (
Date: Wed Jun 05 1996 - 19:58:09 CDT

Sun managers,

My thanks to all who responded:
  Josh Goldsmith <> (Marcel Chukwunenye)
and the others whose responses I've not yet seen.

The replies I got were right on the money. It seems that the drive
comes with terminator(s) enabled which is indicated by the absence of a
jumper. Pretty confusing if you ask me. To disable the terminator(s) I
put on a jumper and the problem went away. From an earlier attempt at
resolving the problem I removed the parity jumper which eliminated some
but not all error msgs. So, the net result is no more error msgs and a
happy user (and admin too...). }8-)

Josh suggested that my format.dat was afu but since this came with the
cdrom from Sun (sigh) I had little choice in the matter. Luckily,
format seemed to be quite able to interrogate the device for its
geometry and other vital info and did do the format correctly. Thank
you format.

All in all, an enjoyable experience getting the help I needed.

Thanks again.


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