SUMMARY: nfs server not responding

From: Eric Daniel (
Date: Tue Jun 04 1996 - 21:19:59 CDT

The original question was:

> I have noticed a strange behavior from my NFS server (Sparc 1000, Solaris
> 2.5) . Whenever I reboot it, one of the clients (another Sparc 1000, same
> version of Solaris) keeps displaying 'nfs server not responding' messages in
> quick succession. What bothers me is that these messages start at the exact
> moment the server comes up (before that, the messages are also displayed, but
> they're not as frequent). Also, the client does not show any other sign of
> malfunction. In particular, the message 'nfs server ok' appears every time I
> try to access an NFS-mounted disk. It is followed by a 'NFS server not
> responding' message after a couple of seconds. Last time it happened, the
> messages didn't go away in 12 hours. Rebooting the client corrected the
> situation. The messages also appear when I stop the nfsd on the server, but
> they may stop by themselves after a short time.

Thanks to Sahir Siddiqui <>

... who advised me to use hard mounts (but I was doing that already)

                Daniel <daniel@Void.TAMU.Edu>

... who pointed me to patch 103226-06 from Sunsolve, and to the bug id 1227603.
I applied the patch and it *seems* to work. For the records, the bug report
also mentions mounting with -o udp.

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