SUMMARY: Stale File Handles on Diskless Clients Solaris 2.5

From: Bob Reardon (
Date: Fri May 31 1996 - 07:50:11 CDT

> "Stale file handle" messages appear in console window of client
> systems for unknown reasons.
> Several diskless sparc2 clients are booted from a sparc5
> bootserver running Solaris 2.5.
> The main fileserver is a Sparcserver 1000E which is still running
> Solaris 2.4 and cannot be upgraded at this time.
> Patch# 103226-03 was installed and the frequency of "stale
> file handle" messages decreased but some still occur.
> The messages seem to appear when users work with files in their
> home directories, which are automounted from the Solaris2.4
> fileserver.
> Diskless Solaris 2.4 clients run all the same programs and never
        Casper Dik said to try 103226-06. We did. It worked, so Casper
        has yet another rescue to is credit.
        Note from the problem report that we had tried 103226-03 which was
        the latest version we could find on Sunsolve Patch CDs.
        We only found 103226-06 via SunSolve ONLINE. Some of the online
        patches are free and some can only be accessed by paying customers.
        I think this one is only available to paying customers.

        Thanks to these folks who also responded; most reported having the
        same problem with no solution...
        Christopher L. Barnard" <> (Per Akesson)
        Greg Price <>
        hdss37% cat > STALE.list (Ed Miesch ph2493)

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