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Date: Sun May 12 1996 - 14:30:40 CDT

Hi all

My original question:

> We have a scenario in which an NT server has a n HP printer with a
> postscript option connected to it, and a Sun ss20 running Solaris 2.4
>printing to it as a client.
> On the Sun I have defined the NT machine as a BSD server using the
> lpsystem -t bsd command.
> Simple text prints out fine, However PostScript gets printed as simple
> text.
> On the NT manuals there is a reference for exactly that matter which
> says that the print attribute sent with the print data has to be 'l' so
> the NT will use it as a ROW data and not 'f' which means TEXT data.
> Where the hell do I define those attributes ?==========================================================================
All together I got 4 replies (Brett Lymn)


> I think someone did a summary about this not that long ago. From
> memory you need to define the printer type on the Solaris box as being
> a raster device.==========================================================================
Wrote to try
> lp -dNTprinter -r PostScriptFile.pswhich didn't work. But I guess this might have worked on B.S.D machine and
I will try it the next time I can.
Laura Taylor <>

> Solution: (I have tried this and it works!)
> Do this on the NT system:
> 1) Run \winnt25\system32\regedt32.exe from a DOS prompt, or through
> filemanager.
> 2) Select HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LPDSVC
> 3) Highlight the LPD folder, select Registry, and select Save Key
> 4) Save as any file name (e.g. C:\reg.txt
> 5) Select the Services folder (one level up from LPDSVC)
> 6) Click on Edit, Add Key, add name of entry LPD (leave Class blank)
> 7) Select new LPD folder
> 8) From menu bar select Registry Restore
> 9) Enter name of file generated in step 4 (reg.txt)
> 10) Go into LPD folder, select Parameters. Edit Add Value.
> 11) Enter value name: SimulatePassThrough (it is case sensitive)
> 12) Select data type: REG_DWORD
> 13) Enter the value of 1 for Data or string value. (Leave on Hex.)
> 14) Exit out of REGEDT32
> 15) From DOS: net stop lpdsvc Then: net start lpdsvc
> (Else turn lpdsvc off and on again from inside Services group.)
> This problem exists with NT3.51 and ServicePak 3 and 4.
> Micrsoft will tell you that this fix is not recommended, but it works.
> Maybe it will be fixed in NT,v4.0?

Since I am that good on NT administration I got cold feet when even
thinking about implementing this, But a real NT expert said it's a piece
of cake.
Pedro Roque Marques <>

> On Solaris you should define the printer as having raster as content
> type. here is a sample /etc/lp/printers/<printername>/configuration:
> Content types: raster
> Printer type: unknown
> Remote: <hostname>!NetQueue
> to make things easy you can then add apropriate stub filters like
> this:
> /etc/lp/filter.table
> :any:any:postscript:ps:raster:postscript:/usr/bin/cat:
> :any:any:simple:ps:raster:postscript:/usr/lib/lp/postscript/postprint:
> the first line will avoid the need fot lp -T raster when printing ps
> files. the second will conver all you text files into ps via Solaris
> text to ps filter.

And it realy worked and made us very happy. We found the secound line in
the filter.table was unnecessary (at least in our case) because there was
already a line almost like the one suggested.
Thanks Pedro

Thanks alot to you all.
Thanks to you we have made the impossible.


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