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From: Christopher E. Olaes (
Date: Fri May 10 1996 - 12:27:51 CDT

Hi Everyone here is my previous query:

Thanks to all that replied...... I really appreciated it...

> Hi Everyone,
> I just installed SunOS 4.1.4. However, my old OS was SunOS 4.1.2.
> However there were alot of applications and programs in my old SunOS 4.1.2.
> So I decided to extract the entire backup I made of the SunOS 4.1.2 system
> onto another disk (different from my new SunOs 4.1.4 disk)
> I then set the eeprom to boot from that disk
> eeprom boot-device=disk2
> However, when the system goes into monitor mode it tells me that it does
> not know how to boot the system. I think this has to do with a boot block
> problem or something.....
> Can anyone explain why it won't work and what I might need to do to fix it..
> Thanks
> Chris


After reinstalling the os from tape or other backup, you will write a file
named "/boot" everytime this file gets changed or written to disk....
You needed to reinitialize it, for it is responsible for finding the boot
block on the disk.

man installboot gives the detailes on the the command installboot for use
with these purposes.

Here is what I actually did..

1) Booted OS from CD
2) mounted the disk I wanted to boot on /a
   mount /dev/sd2a /a
3) Ran installboot program
   /usr/kvm/mdec/installboot -vlt /a/boot /dev/sd2a
4) Changed the eeprom setting so that it will boot from disk2 )
   eeprom boot-device=disk2
5) reboot

After that everything worked like a charm...Thanks to all that replied again.


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