SUMMARY: going from sun4c to sun4m (Episode 2)

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Date: Fri May 10 1996 - 09:27:25 CDT

For those of you who may have tuned in late...

Our story so far...

Our hero requested information from the list on the best/easiest way to
swap a boot disk from a sun4c into a sun4m machine.

In episode 1:
Although many respondents reported that it was possible to
do this by installing the sun4m kvm and sys file systems, a new kernel,
boot block, etc., many reported have various amounts of difficulty after
having done so. Most expressed the opinion that I would be better off doing
a clean install of the OS and reconfiguring the machine.

Being the cautious soul that I am, I reported all this in my summary and
said that I would go the "safe" route and do the clean install.

Episode 2:

Shortly after posting my summary, I received a note from Casper Dik outlining
the short cut method. Knowing the level of Casper's knowledge and the
quality of his advice, I decided to give it a go. At the very worst, I
would just have to do a clean install later.

Therefore, I have outlined his procedure below for those who may be faced
with a similar situation. The entire process (excluding the time that I wasted
with my own silly mistakes) took about 2 hours including loading the
executables, building the kernel, etc. and swapping the disks.

I think we should nominate Casper as one of the patron saints of this list.
He is very generous with his advice and seems to hit the nail on the head
almost every time. I hope Sun is paying him well.


[Ed. Note: Casper's original description was written for a complete
  hardware swap, OS upgrade, and ether from ie0 to le0. I have condensed
  it for the simpler case of moving a HD from one architecture to another.]

(Of course, you've already done a full system backup, right?)

        1. /usr/etc/install/add_services -> add sun4m architecture from CD.
           Easiest is to change the kernel executables path to
           /usr/kvm.sun4m instead of /export/exec/kvm etc.
           Load only ``Sys'' and ``Kvm'' from sun4m architecture.
           Make a sun4m kernel.

        2. mv /usr/kvm /usr/kvm.old

        3. mv /usr/kvm.sun4m /usr/kvm

           NOTE: /usr/kvm is now sun4m!!

        4. cp /usr/kvm/sys/sun4m/<your kernel>/vmunix /vmunix
        4. cp /usr/kvm/stand/vmunix /vmunix

        5. cp /usr/kvm/stand/boot.sun4m /boot

        6. cp /usr/kvm/stand/kadb /kadb

        7. Install new boot block:

          /usr/kvm/mdec/installboot /boot /usr/kvm/mdec/<bootfile> <bootdev>

          /usr/kvm/mdec/installboot /boot /usr/kvm/mdec/bootsd /dev/rsd0a

        8. halt

        9. Move HD to sun4m machine.
        10. Reboot.

(I works for me! :-)


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