SUMMARY: SPARCstation 10

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Date: Mon May 06 1996 - 13:56:03 CDT

The following responses were received.
thanks to everyone
Rave Computer Association, Inc.
36960 Metro Court
Sterling Heights, MI 48132

minicomputer exchange Inc
610 n. pastoria ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

ELI systems Rick Gage

Check out

Virtual Group, 1-800-536-3900

Apex Computer Inc. offers refurbished workstation product.
You can mail for more information.

Solar Systems
rep: Bob Reitinger
FAX 206-869-2345
8134 304th Ave. S.E., Preston, Washington, 98050

Try on Usenet.

Martin Espinoza <>
We will be wanting to sell a SS10 with one 40mhz processor module
and approximately 64mb of ram, as well as a hitachi 19" monitor,
type 5 keyboard and mouse, and 1 gb of disk.
How much were you looking to pay?
415 960 4251
415 967 7460 FAX

try comp.sys.sun.hardware or comp.sys.sun.wanted,
 or look for the suns at home group.

hello. depending on what you want, you might be able to buy new stuff at nasa
pricing that will be faster and cheaper than used sun stuff.
for example, sun dropped the netry ultra-1/140 to $10k list last month. i
suspect you could buy it at nasa for about 7k. this computer is 3x performance
over a sparc20/151, and probably cheaper than a used s10/61.
take care,
p.s. my company is a sun reseller in san diego.

If you need further information please give me a call.

Michael Mauney

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